About Us

Who We Are:

DV Chain is an industry leader in providing liquidity and market-making services in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.
Our expertise stems from a deep-rooted understanding of the digital asset market, honed through years of experience.

Our Mission:

Our services are designed to offer deep liquidity, unmatched accessibility, and technologically advanced
solutions. We enable institutions, exchanges, and traders worldwide to trade a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies 24/7.
With our cutting-edge platform, users can seamlessly trade and settle transactions in multiple currencies on the same day,
simplifying the barriers of digital asset trading.

What Sets Us Apart:

With tight spreads, actionable prices, and versatile trading interfaces, we offer robust API access,
ensuring efficient trading tailored to our users’ diverse needs. Not to mention that our customer support team is second to none.

Our Journey:

Established in 2016 by the founders of DV Trading, DV Chain has been adapting
new market strategies in crypto and establishing ourselves as a global leader in liquidity solutions.  

Our Expertise:

Recognized globally, DV Chain provides extensive trading services for digital assets, backed by the
experience and track record of DV Trading, a proprietary trading firm of over 500 personnel with
offices in Chicago, Miami, New York, Toronto, London, Dubai and Bahamas.

OUR Team

Our team makes the difference

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Real humans that
are easy to reach, anytime
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High-touch onboarding process
means swifter access to trading
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Industry leading
user support

Dino Verbrugge Headshot
Dino Verbrugge
Jared Vegosen Headshot
Jared Vegosen
Dave Vizsolyi
Chief Executive Officer
Danielle Verbrugge
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Rabkin Headshot
Michael Rabkin
Global Head of Business Development
Shifra Katz
Chief Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer
Ben Eacrett
Global Head of Operations


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