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OTC Trading Platform

OTC Trading Platform

We’ve established our trading platform as best-in-class from seamless KYC onboarding to intra-day settlement times.
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Stable tech for around-the-clock global trading
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Settle transactions in 450+ tradable pairs, intra-day
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Zero slippage, tight spreads, and no hidden fees
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Integrated with multiple payment platforms and banking channels
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APIs to support algorithmic trade executions
Marketing Making & Liquidity Provision

Market Making & Liquidity Provision

DV Chain provides market making for exchanges, token projects, DeFi products, and on-chain liquidity for cryptocurrency protocols.
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Stabilize pricing and increase discoverability for your token
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Customized liquidity solutions for tokens and platforms
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Established and trusted two-sided trading
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White label oTC Tech Stack

White Label OTC Tech Stack

Whether you're planning to launch a trading platform, an app, or even a full-fledged exchange, our ready-to-use white label technology can help you get started quickly and with confidence, supported by proven and tested technology.

Robust, reliable, and battle-tested

Charts, price ladders, and position views

Web UI for click trading

Plug into DV Chain pricing and hedging

Hosted and Turnkey setups

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Investing in Crypto Innovation

We support game-changing tokens, platforms and protocols from launch to scale. Our VC fund brings experience, liquidity and industry partnerships to shape the future of DeFi markets.


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