Weekly Market Commentary — DV Chain — March 5, 2024

March 5, 2024

Welcome back to DV Chain’s Weekly Commentary! In this edition, we review last week’s BTC ETF inflows, discuss some of last week’s winners and talk about upcoming catalysts. Let’s dive right in:

Market Recap

  • We had an extremely strong week of BTC ETF inflows, exceeding $500mm of NET inflows per day from Monday through Wednesday

(Source: Farside Investors)

  • Driven by ETF flows, $BTC outperformed ETH and most alts and is nearing ATHs
  • Despite price nearing ATH’s google trends and app store rankings are way off prior peaks


  • Meme coins were the flavor of the week, as $DOGE, $SHIB, $PEPE, $WIF, $BONK ripped higher on non-trivial volumes
  • DV’s internal retail flow went parabolic on these last week, somewhat dispelling notion that retail isn’t here yet at least when it comes to meme coins.

Upcoming Catalysts / Trade Ideas

→ $ETH Dencun Upgrade, 3/13

  • We like ETH L2s and ETH beta going into the upgrade

→ $ARB $2.2B unlock, 3/16

  • We like this as a short going into the unlock, paired with $OP, $ETH, or $MATIC to hedge

→ Nvidia AI conference, 3/18

  • AI tokens may pump in typical crypto fashion from increased attention
  • We also think AI tokens may stand most to benefit from rotation of retail profits out of meme coins

→ $LDO

  • We think $LDO is poised to outperform as it should benefit from a re-staking narrative that’s heating up into the Eigenlayer airdrop
  • Having a whopping $30B in TVL, LDO arguably is the biggest beneficiary from the Uniswap fee switch proposal, but the token didn’t seem to react to the Uniswap news
  • we believe that as the market digests the news and if the proposal passes, there’s good odds that a $LDO fee switch narrative emerges giving it good R/R as a bet

→ $MATIC (continued from previous weeks)

  • Upcoming token migration to $POL, with a new set of tokenomics
  • $POL staking for airdrops (potentially $Avail?)
  • AggLayer narrative emerging
  • DV’s internal retail volumes continuing to trend up


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